The intelligent nature of the cells in our bodies not only create a natural self-healing environment, but also manage millions of processes needed to support physiological function such as maintaining homeostasis and meeting neuro and endocrine demands. Cellular damage is sometimes manifested as senescence cells caused by negatives such as antigens, oxidative stress and energy over-consumption. These damaged cells eventually lead to diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, inflammable bowel disease and cancer.

At Rehab-X, we use advanced testing protocols to perform detailed physiological analysis in areas such as the gut, hormones, liver, sleep patterns etc., and then provide knowledge transfer and integrative medicine therapies to help repair damage, promote health and bring the body back to homeostasis.

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Hermosa Beach, CA clinic
Hermosa Beach, CA clinic
Hermosa Beach, CA clinic



At Rehab-X, we not only strive for excellence but also focus on providing our patients with the best customer experience possible. From functional chiropractic care to post-surgery rehabilitation and functional medicine, Rehab-X focuses on regenerative medicine, physiological balance and return to sport healing techniques. Our 2,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility in Hermosa Beach, California provides a variety of services to help promote cellular repair, restoration and balance.



Focus on Hormone Balance & Anti-Aging Medicine

Physical injury such as joint or muscle tissue damage also translates to senescence and cellular damage. Recovering from physical injury should include cellular repair and restoration. At Rehab-X we combine physiotherapy and chiropractic techniques with integrative medicine therapies to repair damaged cells in order to bring the body back to balance. We also focus on balancing hormones in order to improve physiological function, which in turn helps promote optimal health. Our comprehensive serum and saliva tests measure different types of hormones such as estrogen, growth hormone, insulin, testosterone and thyroid function and we perform detailed analysis of the major organs of the body including gastro-intestinal health and autoimmune diseases in order to provide our patients with treatment plans designed to bring them back to balance and promote optimal health. Whether you’re a female going through menopause or a male experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms, our medical team will administer the necessary evidence-based testing protocols and provide the appropriate plan to help restore your health.

Focus on Hormone Balance & Autoimmune

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