Anti-Aging and Wellness Medicine

Whether you’re a female going through menopause or a male experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms, our medical team will administer the necessary medical testing protocols and provide a customized treatment plan to help restore your health.

Our comprehensive serum and saliva tests measure different types of hormones such as estrogen, growth hormone, testosterone and thyroid function and we perform detailed analysis of the major organs of the body including gastro-intestinal health and autoimmune diseases.

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Gut health and inflammation

Gut Health & Inflammation

Gut bacteria not only influences the digestion of food but also mood, sleep patterns, hormones and, weight management and immune system resiliency . Gut disorders, such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or gut dysbiosis, can greatly impact the GI tract and GI motility.

Fortifying the walls of the intestinal tract are critical not only for proper digestion and absorption, but also for over-all health and staving off auto-immune diseases and hormone dysregulation. Gut bacteria homeostasis is also critical for digestion and absorption.

At Rehab-X, we use both allopathic and functional medicine therapies to repair and restore balance and health in the gut.

Hormone Balancing

At Rehab-X, we specialize in balancing hormones to improve physiological function in order to promote optimal health. Our comprehensive serum and saliva tests measure different types of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, growth hormone, vitamin D and thyroid function.

In men, testosterone balancing not only improves muscle strength and mass but also vastly improves bone density, better libido, sperm production, mood and red blood cell production.

In women, proper balancing of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone is critical for bone health, skin texture, brain health, proper sleep, healthy hair and mood stabilizing effects.

After test results are performed, our medical team provides a thorough analysis and interpretation to the patient including a path towards healing and cellular efficiency.

Nutrition & Weight Management

We, at Rehab-X, do not adhere to the old and ill-advised “low calorie diet” protocol. Decades of data has shown that this protocol not only does not work but actually backfires and most commonly adds weight to the patient.

We start with a comprehensive serum testing panel which most often reveals a pathological condition that can be a factor in the weight loss battle. We then add lifestyle modifications, peptide therapy, meal planning, exercise protocols, pharmaceutical weight management therapies or a combination of the above. A comprehensive meal plan may be comprised of plant based, ketogenic, intermittent fasting and/or paleo choices.