Welcome to RehabX, we are eager to meet and help get you back on the path to optimal health. At RehabX, we use advanced, comprehensive testing protocols to perform detailed metabolic and physiological analysis in areas such as gastro-intestinal health, endocrinology, liver function, sleep, physical injury, pain, etc., and then provide necessary knowledge transfer and integrative medicine remedies, to help repair damaged cells, promote health and bring the body back to balance.

Consultation Fees and Expectations

At RehabX our focus is getting to the root cause of your symptoms. We take pride in our unique approach to patient analysis which involves clinical examinations and laboratory testing. The initial consultation visit has a cost of $350. RehabX will accommodate you, the patient, by providing a “Super Bill” that you can provide to your insurance company for monetary reimbursement. All follow-up visits cost $175 and are usually scheduled every 3-6 months, depending on the needs of the patient. Please note that patients who begin hormone balancing therapy could be scheduled for individual hormone testing 4-6 weeks after they begin treatment to properly monitor changes in hormone levels. Our maintenance and monitoring program is designed to promote healthy lifestyles, as well as provide us the opportunity to be proactive in the identification of any negative changes to the health and physiological status of our patients.

Laboratory services

We fully understand that most of our patients have insurance policies that cover lab work and we are more than happy to provide lab requests (for our comprehensive testing panels) that can be processed at lab within the provider’s network. For patients who do not have health insurance, or simply do not want to use their insurance policies (for reasons such as high deductibles), we provide testing at labCorp, (our preferred lab), for a nominal fee of $275. If you want to take advantage of our low lab costs, please select this option when you fill out the lab order form below. Once we receive the lab-order request form, a formal lab-request document will be generated and sent back to you via email, which you’ll be able to take to any LabCorp facility of your choosing for processing. We will then provide you, the patient, with an invoice of $275 to cover the lab processing fees. When the results are in, you’ll be scheduled for an appointment with one of our practitioners for a thorough analysis, evaluation and open discussion about the recommended treatment plan.

If you choose to proceed with this program, please make sure you are in a fasted state, (No food the morning of the draw, and no food after 9pm the night before the draw). Furthermore, your labs must be drawn before 9am in order to capture accurate hormone readings, specifically cortisol. If you wish to proceed, please fill out the form below and please contact the main office at 310-372-8551 for any additional questions. We look forward to working with you and helping you get back to optimal health.


The Patient Care Team
Ph: 310-372-8551

New Patients

To proceed, please fill out the Lab Order Form and a medical assistant will be in touch with testing details and locations.